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good morning. debt deadlock. after fire woeshs on the fourth, a fizzle on the fifth with no signs of progress on a budget deal to head off a debt default. we'll ask senators from both parties what could they give up in order to make a deal. decision time. the casey anthony jury gets the case after prosecutors take one last opportunity to call her a liar and a child killer. we'll hear some of their final argument and look back at this six-week trial. accused again. dominique strauss-kahn faces another potential sexual assault charge from a writer who claims he tried to rape her eight years ago in france. he says that story is false, and is now threatening to sue her. and royal action. a busy fourth of july for prince
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william and catherine in canada. with helicopters, and dragon boats. we'll look ahead to the next stop on their wildly successful tour, "early" this tuesday stop on their wildly successful tour, "early" this tuesday morning, july 5th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good morning, welcome to "the early show" here on a tuesday morning. lady liberty in the background all lit up with the fireworks here. >> gorgeous last night. >> really great scene. >> nice to have you back this morning my friend. we missed you. >> good to be back. >> a lot to get to this morning, including we've seen some similar things to this next story happen here, in new jersey, not too far away from us. one of the newest ways to balance local budgets for some communities is actually getting rid of law enforcement. there's a town in east texas we're going to take you to this morning that lost its entire police force due to budget cuts. crime there now is on the rise. how do residents feel about the cost-cutting measure?
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we're going to let them tell you. >> not too happy. >> not so much. >> all right we're going to get to that coming up. but first, president obama and congress go back to work today in one of the big items on their to-do list is a deal to cult the budget deficit and raise the federal debt limit. joining us now is cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante. bill, good morning. what is the latest on these negotiations? >> well, chris, in one word, they are deadlocked. still. there's been no further schedule of talks between the white house and congress. republicans remain opposed to any kind of new taxes. and democrats are just as adamant that there has to be some kind of new revenue. congress has raised the debt ceiling 102 times since it was first instituted in 1917. and ten times in the last decade. but never before have the stakes been so high, or democrats and republicans so unwilling to budge. norm ornstein is a longtime student of congress. >> normally what you see in these negotiations is tough stances, but at least some
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willingness to go, not halfway, but a quarter of the way to where the other side is. >> reporter: the gop is now united in its opposition to raising the debt ceiling. but in 1983, republican president ronald reagan supported a rise. he wrote, the full consequences of a default, or even the serious prospect of default, by the united states are impossible to predict, and awesome to contemplate. nor have democrats always been in favor of raising the limit. in 2006, then-senator barack obama voted against an increase. a vote he later admitted was a mistake. but that didn't stop representative michele bachmann from tweaking him on her recent "face the nation" appearance. >> i would say that someone far more eloquent than myself made a very remarkable statement that said to even have, at this point, where we have to raise the debt ceiling, is a failure of leadership. that was barack obama. when he was running for the united states presidency. >> reporter: the treasury department says that if congress
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doesn't raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd, the federal government won't be able to pay its debts. a move that norm ornstein says could send the still-weak economy off the cliff. >> i'm just not so sure this time that we get a deal until after we cross the rubicon and see a breach in the debt limit. >> there's some talk in congress of a so-called mini deal. a deal that would take what's on the table that both sides agree on and extend the debt limit for, say, a year or so. but the white house doesn't like that, because they feel any kind of deal like that, they would lose leverage. chris? >> cbs' bill plante at the white house for us this morning. bill, thank you very much. joining us now are two senate newcomers just elected in mefr. democrat chris coons of delaware and republican ron consequence of wisconsin. good morning to both of you. you're skipping your fourth of july break in an effort to get something done on the debt ceiling. senator johnson i'm going to ask you the trillion dollar question, can something get
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done? >> i sure think so. i think there's a growing group of senate republicans and house republicans that are willing to increase the debt ceiling as long as we actually fix the problem. and the way you fix the problem, i've always felt this is a two-step process. first we have to institute those spending caps. the fiscal discipline before we actually start getting the details. so, you know, the house has proposed a cut cap and balance. cut off the baseline the first two years, and then provide a statutory cap to spending. to put us on a path toward a balanced budget. and pass a balanced-budget amendment. i think that's the only way we survive this long-term. >> senator coons go ahead. >> i'm very concerned we're not going to be able to meet america's financial obligations. and i frankly think we need to get back to work. i hope that the republicans are going to hear us saying, yes. democrats in the congress are willing to meet them, and to make trillions of dollars in reductions to federal spending. but we need to do it in a responsible way, over a decade. the next decade we can cut $4 trillion in federal spending.
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we can achieve real savings, and we had plans on the table since march to do it in a bipartisan, responsible way. it's there in transjens, their refusal to consider any increase in revenue that has really stalled the talks so far. and i'm hopeful we'll be able to move past that in this week's negotiation. >> senator coons, we heard bill plante mention a moment ago, would you agree to a short-term, a mini deal, say six months, to kind of control the volatility and the uncertainty with the markets? >> i do think that we can't afford to default on america's financial obligations. what's coming up on august 2nd, something we've been warned about for months, is the equivalent of defaulting on america's mortgage. and i would support a short-term deal if it were part of our getting to a big deal. the $4 trillion in savings that all the bipartisan deficit and debt commissions have agreed is the minimum we need to do to put a floor under our economy, and to get america going again. >> senator johnson, are you willing to let this deadline, this august 2nd deadline, pass, knowing what it could
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potentially do to the economy in this country? we heard, you know, a second ago in bill plante's piece, you know the economy potentially falling off the cliff. are we willing to allow that to happen? >> first of all, let me correct the record with senator coons. the democrats have had no plan on the table other than the president's budget that lost zero to 97. if they've got a plan they haven't shown it to us. they did not pass a budget. they haven't passed a budget in over two years. they should have by law passed one by april 15th. all the appropriation bills should have been passed by june 10th. none of that has happened. the only thing that's happened are sporadic negotiations behind closed doors. that's the wrong way to conduct business. but it sounds to me like we have the basis for a deal here. senator coons is talking about doing something over a long period of time. that's true. that's what a statutory cap bill would do. it would put us on a glide path towards balancing the budget. and let's send a balanced budget to the states. let's let the people decide if they want to instill the fiscal discipline on ourselves.
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let's send it to the states. let the people decide. i'm happy, i'm happy to let the american people decide this issue. >> senator coons i've got to ask you real quickly because i've got to wrap real quickly, if you had to make one compromise for your party, what would it be? >> i'm willing to make significant cuts in domestic spending and entitlement reform. but we need the republicans to meet us halfway, and be willing to make reductions in pentagon spending, and tax reform that lowers rates, increases the base, and actually increases federal revenue. we've had a balanced bipartisan proposal on the table since march in front of our budget committee. we simply need the republicans to hear us say yes. >> all right. you guys are back to work this week. you've got a lot of work to do. still no meetings scheduled with the president. that's not a great sign but we'll see what happens. we'll be watching. senator chris coons and ron johnson, thank you both very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. now here's erica. >> chris, thanks. the jury in the casey anthony murder case deliberates for a second day today, after dramatic closing arguments. correspondent troy roberts of
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"48 hours mystery" is in orlando this morning with the very latest for us. troy, good morning. >> good morning, erica. after 30 days of testimony, and 91 witnesses, the jury deliberated yesterday. but not until they heard from the prosecutors for the final time, who urged them to find casey anthony guilty. >> the question is, who killed caylee. >> reporter: prosecutor linda drane burdick layed a a passionate argument documenting casey anthony's deceit beginning with her first statement to police in july 2008. >> every other statement on that form is a lie. >> reporter: burdick took particular umbrage of the defense team's charge that it was investigators who twisted the truth. >> the most well-documented liar ever seen in a courtroom, accuses everybody of perjury or fraud, of lying.
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the irony is rich, indeed. >> reporter: prosecutors maintain casey killed her 2-year-old girl because she wanted to be unburdened by the responsibilities of motherhood. prosecutor john ashton weaved through forensics, tying casey to the crime. >> there's just no conceivable reason why anybody would put duct tape on the face of a dead child. people don't make accidents look like murder. that's absurd. >> reporter: burdick then went on to scoff at the defense's assertion that caylee drowned in the family's swimming pool. >> if this truly was an accident in the pool, caylee anthony would have been found floating in the pool. >> reporter: caylee's body was found in the woods, walking distance from the anthony home. >> he didn't know -- >> reporter: at times casey anthony shook her head no, and murterred under her breath as prosecutors took aim at her character. calling her, among other things, a pathological liar and narcissist, hammering the point
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home with her own words. >> the only way they're going to find caylee is if they actually listen to what i'm saying. i'm trying to help them, and they're not letting me help them. >> reporter: burdick left jurors with a final question. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. there's your answer. >> reporter: just last week a former member of casey anthony's defense team told me that from the outset she's never believed that casey would walk away a free woman. she says, they wanted to primarily focus their energy on making sure that she'll be spared the death penalty. erica? >> troy roberts in orlando for us this morning. troy, thanks. also covering the casey anthony case this morning is vinnie politan, host of h1n1's "special report" and prime news on hln as well as an anchor for "in session." you're also a former prosecutor and you spent a lot of time there in that courtroom over the last six weeks. >> absolutely.
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good morning, erica. yesterday, you know, it was such a day, the first day of deliberations for this jury, and it was coming off the prosecutor's final closing argument, and i think they had an advantage by going last. and they got a fresh jury. because the first day of closing arguments was long, and that jury was exhausted. they came back yesterday, refreshed, open ears, and the prosecutors went after them. >> so, being there in court, did you notice any sort of reaction from any members of the jury, whether it was yesterday during the rebuttal from the prosecution, or when they were hearing from the defense? >> well, let me tell you what happened yesterday. because this jury deliberated for over five hours yesterday, right? they come back at the end of the day, and the judge is about to send them home. what we always look for, those of us who cover trials for a living, right, what we always look for is when the jury enters the courtroom, where are they looking. and these folks, bee lined right for the jury box. not making eye contact with the defendant, the defense team, or any of those lawyers. and from my experience, that's a bad sign for the defense.
7:13 am
if they don't even want to look at the defendant when they re-enter that courtroom, then the judge sent them home last night for fireworks. we'll see what happens today. >> you just heard from our correspondent troy roberts from "48 hours." he spoke with a former member of casey anthony's defense team who said she really never believed necessarily she was innocent, but the goal was to spare her from the death penalty. she's facing some very serious charges here among them first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, manslaughter. what are we looking at in terms of a possible sentence, if convicted? >> well, this is a death penalty case. my goodness, if she's convicted of first degree murder, that is if this jury finds premeditation, or they find felony murder, then the case moves on to the penalty phase. and then the same jurors who found her guilty will decide if she lives or dies. >> that, though, is for the first degree murder. for the other charges there. >> other charges, you can have life for second degree. you've got 30 years if it's an aggravated manslaughter. there's the obstruction charges, which are all a year.
7:14 am
but she's looking at serious time, my goodness, if she's found guilty for the death of caylee, in any of those first three counts, you're looking at 15 to 30 years in prison. >> it can be very difficult, obviously, to read a jury. and it should be. probably if they're doing their job correctly. but based on your experience, based on what you've seen over these last several weeks, how quickly do you think we could get a verdict? >> all right. it's called the florida factor, erica. i've covered cases all over this country. and for some reason, juries in texas and in florida are just a little bit faster than the rest of the country. it's not that they don't think about the stuff as much. it's just comes quicker. that's why today on tuesday, the second day of deliberations, i am in high alert. i'm like a firefighter waiting for that alarm to go off and slide down the pole and spring into action. the only difference is, we're not eating chili down here. >> all right. when you get that call you give me a call. vinnie politan in orlando. nice to have you with us this morning, thanks.
7:15 am
just a programming note for you, "48 hours mystery" will be airing a prime-time special on the casey anthony trial after the jury does render its decision in the case. so stay tuned for that. we'll update you on that programming note, as well. >> and there will be a half-hour morning call issued once they do make a decision. so everyone will know. >> everyone will be ready. >> now here's jeff glor at the news desk with another check of today's headlines for us this morning. good tuesday morning to you. >> doerm to you. welcome back. officials say there is hope in the search for seven americans lost at sea. the warm water, they say, could help passengers survive. these passengers were about 60 miles south of san felipe when a flash storm capsized their boat on sunday. 27 american tourists were on the annual july fourth fishing trip. at least one was killed. survivors clung to coolers and life vests for hours before they were rescued. >> everybody came in and helped us, you know, we're really grateful for that. we'd still be out there. >> officials say the survivors already found are in good
7:16 am
condition. also in mexico, police have a prominent member of the zeta drug cartel in custody. without firing a shot police captured jesus rejon, also known as el mamito, in a mexico city suburb on sunday. he is suspected of being involved in the killing of u.s. customs agents, jaime zapata, in february. a prisoner in mexico was caught trying to make a jailbreak in a suitcase. take a look at this. guards in the prison found the inmate curled up inside the suitcase, which his 19-year-old girlfriend was trying to wheel out following a conjugal visit. >> wow. >> she was arrested. he was serving a 20-year term for weapons possession. my guess is that may be increased. marysol castro is here with our first check of weather. now mary, good morning. >> good morning. i'm avoiding that at all costs. good morning, jeffrey. good morning, everyone at home. well, 'tis the season for severe weather. it is july, after all. and if you take a look at the map, same situation as
7:17 am
yesterday, except we've added cheyenne into the mix. gusty winds, hail, the possibility of a tornado is really confined to rapid city and cheyenne. but there will be some rain associated with the severe storm. at least one to two inches. so rapid city, grand island, you get up in the morning hours, and make a slow approach towards the east coast. minneapolis, and green bay, you'll see the rain later on this evening. the southeast continues to be sweltering, temperatures in the 90s. when you factor in the humidity it feels more like triple digits. also going to see some rain from a quarter inch to a half inch. this lasts over the next 24 hours.
7:18 am
thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica and chris. and jeff and marysol the old gang is back. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> i was only gone for three days. >> we missed you, though. see what an impact you have? >> still ahead this morning, new trouble for dominique strauss-kahn, now expected to face attempted rape charges in france. we're going to hear his response and find out why the alleged victim waited eight years to go to court. >> and the royal newlyweds continue their tour of canada. not even a little rain can dampen this parade. the very latest just ahead. the fast absorbing body lotion for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology. ♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪ lasts for hours. ♪ new express hydration with hydraiq.
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edible arrangements. enjoy the most delicious fruit ever. guaranteed. starting at $25. the legal troubles for dominique strauss-kahn far from over. a french writer now says she's ready to file criminal charges. she initially spoke out right after the charges were filed here. now she says she's ready to say that he tried to rape her eight years ago.
7:22 am
>> and he's threatening a slander suit now. we're going to talk about that when we come back. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the smarter way to book. interesting... save up to 50% this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart. but they'd rather they disappear. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes
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hi, marty, well, judging from the commute, a lot of people are on vacation. not much out there. just one accident at east
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center. one delay on 100 westbound past 97. if you're heading out on the beltway, no delays there. everything is looking good. there's a look at harford road. the traffic is light in both directions. bill's, carpet, hardwood, lam gnat, too. in the news, one is dead and a child is shot after the fireworks at the inner harbor last night. andrea fujii is live with the latest. >> reporter: the police are coming through the footage of the videos taken last night. a man was stabbed in the neck. he later died. then, at pratt and light street, a 4-year-old was shot in the leg. early yes in the night, there was a fight outside of the visitor's senter. don, back to you. thank you, the 100th person
7:27 am
to be killed in the city will be laid to rest today. he was shot in the back last week in the upton community during a robbery. the police have no leads in the case. the funeral services will be held today at noon. the search will resume for an allegany county man in a lake. the officials are planning on using helicopters. the boat he was on flipped over on saturday. the rescuers pulled three others from the water. on your ride to or from work, be on the lookout for a large low flying aircraft. this morning, the planes could be seen along i-95. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. what would you do if your town
7:28 am
had no police. and dominique strauss-kahn. he isn't off of the hooks. why he's facing new charges this morning. again, if yo,, [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me.
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one thing is for sure, people love will and kate. no matter where they are. this, of course, their most recent trip. they are in canada visiting our neighbors to the north there. plenty of activity for them. not just the meet and greets, but also a little friendly competition between husband and wife, doing some dragon boat racing. look at that. >> wow. >> go, will. >> go kate! >> and there she is, princess catherine in the black there. uh-huh. a little friendly competition. >> and will won, which is a total breach of marriage 101. you never, ever, ever -- >> ladies. >> got to let the ladies win, come on. >> wragge, you get better and better, my friend.
7:31 am
>> welcome back to "the early show." also ahead can you imagine a town with no place? >> no. >> this town in texas decided to lay off all its cops to close a budget gap. now crime is up and the people are complaining, as you can imagine, and it's not just one town doing this. so we were going to tell you more about that coming up in just a moment. >> because budget issues across the country. that's ahead. first we want to check in with jeff glor at the news desk with another look at our top headlines. you know that marriage rule well. >> you're not saying they're inferior, that you need to let them win. >> no, no, no, that's an important clarification. first competition. >> good morning once again. rescuers are still looking for seven americans lost at sea this morning. they say the missing boaters could still be alive in the warm waters off the coast of baja, california. a sudden squall capsized their boat on sunday. one american drowned. 19 others have been rescued. in washington, members of the u.s. senate who'd normally be on holiday this week are back at work today. they are deadlined for raising
7:32 am
the federal debt limit is now listed as august 2nd. the democrats and republicans remain far apart on tax and spending issues. the jury in the casey anthony trial begins its first full day of deliberations this morning in florida. they consider that case for about six hours yesterday, without a verdict. anthony accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, could face the death penalty if convicted. 32 minutes past the hour. former imf chief dominique
7:33 am
traus kahn may escape charges that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid here in new york, but he may face new charges today from a french woman who says he tried to rape her eight years ago. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the latest on this for us this morning. mark, good morning. >> good morning, chris. well it's lawyers at dawn in paris this morning. a french woman is poised to file attempted rape charges against dominique strauss-kahn and his lawyers are threatening a lawsuit against her. tristane banon is the other woman in dominique strauss-kahn's legal life. she claims, and she said so on a french tv program four years ago, that strauss-kahn tried to rape her when she was interviewing him back in 2003. the producers bleeped the name out of the accusation at the time. but with strauss-kahn accused of serious sexual misbehavior in new york, his french accuser has apparently decided now is the time to start legal proceedings against him in france, as well.
7:34 am
tristane banon's lawyer says he'll file a formal federal complaint for attempted rape against dominique strauss-kahn in a paris court this evening. this comes, of course, just as the american case against strauss-kahn seems to be unraveling. and as there is increasing talk that his political career in france may be salvageable. so he has instructed his lawyers to file a countersuit for defamation. clearly, there's a game of legal chicken being played. the stakes for tristane banon just got higher. and dominique strauss-kahn's political life hangs in the balance, as well. between the sordid details of the new york case, and the attempted rape allegation in france, he may be damaged goods, even for a french politician. >> even if it wasn't a rape, we'll see what can happen from the initial point of view, i think that the situation was not really a dignified situation for
7:35 am
someone who would like to become the next president in france. >> strauss-kahn's lawyers have called tristane banon's version of events imaginary. under the french system the charges would be investigated, even before getting to court. a process that could take years. and this long after the event, of course, producing evidence becomes a real problem. chris? >> that's cbs' mark phillips in london for us this morning. joining us now from paris is political scientice expert on french relations. >> good morning. >> good morning the lawyer for french journalist tristane banon will file charges alleging that dominique strauss-kahn allegedly attempted to rape her in 2003. this is yet another legal hurdle that he must clear. >> yes. it complicates the entire story. but there is the beginning of something i would call scandal fatigue in france.
7:36 am
we've seen so many turn of the situation and this one comes nearly as enough is enough. what will we hear next. >> let me ask you this. what do you believe prompted this woman to take so long to finally come forward? been nine years here. >> well, that's exactly what most frenchmen are asking themselves. it comes at a particular moment, and the calendar is, of course, not innocent. what motivates? a spirit of revenge? search for publicity? or a deep wound that explodes? at the moment, you cannot predict. >> now strauss-kahn's lawyers in paris immediately responded yesterday, calling this incident imaginary. and they plan to sue, countersue, for slander. so let me ask you, what kind of case does he have?
7:37 am
>> well, obviously i don't know. but in cases like that, it's normal in france that you would immediately sue your accuser if you feel your case is strong enough. i mean, what we are witnessing is a battle for the heart of public opinion. there's a sense of suspicion. so immediately the lawyers of dominique strauss-kahn would say, well, it's imaginary we are suing her. >> let me ask you this, the apparent collapse of the case against dominique strauss-kahn here in the u.s., there are some reports this morning that all charges will be dropped, either on or before his next court case on the 18th of july. can he make a political comeback in france? i know it was widely reported he was a front-runner for potentially being elected president of france. but can he have any type of political comeback on any front in your country? >> yes. but can he be a candidate for
7:38 am
the next presidential elections? the answer is probably no. the french people know too much about him. more than they would like to know. the president in france is a symbolic figure that incarnates the country and not only rules the country, and probably the french would say, well, it's too bad. he's a good economist, he could have been a great president, but we don't think it's proper to have him as our next president. >> thank you very much for your time this morning. we appreciate speaking with you. >> thank you. >> all right now here's erica. >> chris, thanks. up next, the texas town that simply can't afford to have any cops. why people say those budget cuts are a costly and serious mistake. you're watching "the early show." for the veterans who protect our freedoms working with today's va i can use my license anywhere in the u.s.
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welcome back. as cities and towns across the country trim their budgets, some of them can no longer afford even the basics. cbs news correspondent don teague visited one little texas town that laid off its entire police force. >> reporter: just outside the
7:42 am
east texas town of alto, population 1200, charles barron has plenty of time to care for his cattle. >> they're real healthy. i take good care of them. >> reporter: actually, he has too much time. because barron, the town's police chief, no longer has a police department to run. the patrol cars are locked in an impound lot. the police station is locked, except when barron stops in to check the mail, and all five police officers, including the chief, are unemployed, after the city council cut the police budget to zero. >> they put a bull's-eye target on law enforcement, police departments, and police departments only. >> reporter: the council furloughed the police department for at least six months to make up for a $185,000 budget deficit. some said the police hadn't raised enough money issuing tickets. >> there've been accusations that the police department wasn't generating enough revenue. well police departments are not revenue generators. >> reporter: now county sheriff's deputies must handle
7:43 am
the calls here. but that means response times that were less than three minutes from police, are now up to 15 minutes from deputies. covering over a 1,000 square mile county. the county sheriff is among those who think chopping this police department was a bad idea. >> the last 24 hours we've, the county has answered 18 calls in the county. seven of them from in alto. >> reporter: alto has been experiencing a crime spree, including an attempted bank robbery last month, and a rash of burglaries. greg duplichain's company was hit thursday night. across the street from the now-vacant police department. >> if people know that you don't have a police force, i believe that some people will take advantage of it. >> i work in a business here in town. and, you know, at any time somebody can come in and rob it. wrt we tried to interview members of the city council on camera. they declined, though one told us, when you can't make payroll, you have to make cuts.
7:44 am
as for police chief barron, he just hopes to get back to his real job. >> that's my life. already miss it. >> reporter: protecting the people of his town. don teague, cbs news, alto, texas. and coming up next from water birding to drag boat racing. that's right water birding. the latest on will and kate's that's right water birding. the latest on will and kate's adventure in canada. ha to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and call
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7:48 am
bragging rights in their first public tussle of one upmanship. by a nose it was william who conquered. back on the same stretch of water, william was keen to prove he was a sea king in more ways than one. a search and rescue pilots, the dukes at home have control of these helicopters. this is water birding. flight lieutenant william wales has never landed on water before. but he got it right, first time. soon, it looked like he was showing off. if there was any question about the duke of cambridge's abilities at the controls of a sea king helicopter, this proves he's a dab hand and he's got one maneuver on his colleagues who've never landed on water like he has. watching from the sidelines, kate, on the other side of the camera for once. the duke may have felt he was
7:49 am
the main billing at the show but before getting carried away, a reminder from the island's premier. >> having been married now for five years to my beautiful wife kate i have one small piece of advice for the duke of cambridge. this wisdom has helped me a lot over the last five years. your royal highness it's very important to remember that kates are always right. >> reporter: and with that in mind, the royal tour rolls on. next stop, south of the arctic circle. paul harrison, sky news, for cbs news, on prince edward island. >> ah, the advice of the newlyweds. tomorrow william and catherine will take a break from their busy schedule and head off on a private retreat. we'll have more on your royals a little bit later in the show. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbsl our fruit has to be perfectly ripe because it's delivered on the same day. for me? this is so beautiful!
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let's take a look at the forecast for the day. we're in the humid, low 70s and the humid low 90s this afternoon. sunny, hot and getting stuffy. now, over to sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. good morning. well, it's still a good morning on the roads. we have a delay around one in the city at east center street and a slight delay past 97. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the
7:56 am
beltway. that's a minor delay on the topside. you'll have to tap your brakes on the outer lupe. this is brought to you by h.h. gregg. come in and see their larger selections and smarter associations. violence erupts overnight following last night's fireworks show. leaving a child shot and a man dead. andrea fujii has the details. >> reporter: don, the police are looking through the video surveillance. a man was stabbed in the neck. he later died. at pratt and light street, a 4- year-old was shot in the leg. he's in stable condition. earlier, there was a fight outside of the visitor's
7:57 am
center. the police will release a suspect's photo in the stabbing. two more elected officials are throwing their hats into the ring for mayor today. they're already joining a crowded field with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and frank conoway and raleigh and nurse wilson and jodie landers. the police department is looking for a few good men and women. they're encouraging anyone to take a free test. they must have a valid driver's license and be a u.s. citizens. call for more information. and stay with wjz-13, up next, millions of people take it to help them stop smoking. ,,
7:58 am
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and welcome back. a beautiful tuesday morning, july 5th here on the east coast. i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. hopefully it's nice in whatever part of the country you're waking right now. coming up this hour, people try to quit smoking to avoid health problems like heart disease.try now there is new research that is troubling. and ironic. connecting chantix, the most popular anti-smoking drug, to a higher risk of heart problems. >> since 7 million americans have taken chantix to help them give up cigarettes, dr. jennifer ashton is here with us this morning to take a look at that study and break it down. tell you what it means for smokers who are trying to live a healthier life.
8:01 am
whether it's worth the risk to stick with that pill. first, a little politics for you. the crowd of republican presidential fields added another candidate over the weekend, and the candidates were not resting over the july fourth weekend, because if you're a candidate, it was a prime working day. cbs news political correspondent jan crawford is in washington with more. definitely a day for working as a candidate, jan. >> oh, you know, that's true, erica. politics on the fourth of july. i mean, let's say it, i guess it's about american as baseball and apple pie. it may have been a holiday, like you said. but a lot of those republican candidates still were out there hard at work, especially in two key early states. in new hampshire, there was former massachusetts governor mitt romney, headlining the amherst independence day parade and sounding every bit the front-runner. >> our president has failed us. the recession is deeper because of our president. >> reporter: romney leads the current field with solid poll
8:02 am
numbers and impressive fund-raising dollars. in the past three months his campaign estimates he raked in up to $20 million. sharing the spot light at amherst was former utah governor and ambassador to china jon huntsman, the most moderate of the candidates vying for the anti-romney vote. huntsman has already ruled out competing in iowa, understands new hampshire is a must-win state. >> it is absolutely central to victory. central to our pathway of success. it's a state that we can win. >> reporter: in iowa, which votes first in the presidential contest, candidates were fighting for the social conservative vote. there were long shot contenders, newt gingrich and rick santorum. >> hi, you guys. >> reporter: as well as tea party sensation michele bachmann. a recent poll has the minnesota congresswoman in a statistical dead heat with romney, while gingrich and santorum barely made a dent in the single digits.
8:03 am
tim pawlenty also polled poorly there. the former minnesota governor raised a disappointing $4.2 million this quarter and has had no public event over the holiday weekend. but those in the bottom half of that poll can take some comfort in the fact that sometimes the early polls don't tell us that much. this time four years ago, mike huckabee was way down at 4%. right where rick santorum is today. and as you know, huckabee ended up winning iowa. erica? >> jan crawford in washington this morning. jan, thanks. and joining us now from des moines, iowa, to talk about his presidential campaign, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. good to have you with us this morning, sir. >> thank you, erica. that's a pretty good lead-in. we think being at the back of the pack is not a bad place to be in iowa, as you know. working hard is what you need to do here. >> so there you go. you and jan already worked out one of my questions. so we've got that one out of the way. >> appreciate it. >> let's take a look at some of the issues that are facing americans right now. we've been talking a lot this morning about the debt ceiling and frankly over the last few weeks. the obama administration saying,
8:04 am
there needs to be a zeal here by july 22nd on raising the debt limit. this is going to require compromise on both sides. put yourself in those shoes. if you are president, and you were dealing with this right now, what would you be asking for in terms of a compromise from both your own party, and from the democrats? how do you bring them together? >> yeah, i think we need a short-term solution and a long-term solution. and the short-term solution is we've got to come together on some spending reductions. look, the bottom line is that we're spending almost 50% more than normal with -- of our -- on government as far as the percentage of gdp. so the problem is a spending problem with the deficit. it's not a tax problem. taxes are a little lower but just a percent or two below what the normal is. it's really spending. you've got to go where the problem is, and that's spending. and we need to have some spending reductions. the real issue here is that we need, and i served in the senate, i know how it works. you need a backstop. you need something that forces members of congress to do what they know they have to do but there's no political will to do it.
8:05 am
and that's why i've supported a balanced-budget amendment to the constitution. we have to pass that now. it won't take effect for about seven or eight years, because it will take time to ratify it. it's five years after it's ratified that it's implemented. but it's a lovg-term backstop, it gives you a ramp to be able to get to a balanced budget, to get back to fiscal responsibility. and so if i were president i'd say let's do some short-term reductions and do a long-term fix. >> you would get behind that mini deal. i want to talk a little bit, we've got a lot to cover in our few minutes so i'm going to move quickly from one topic to the next. when you look at this crowded field, of which you are a part of republican candidates, a recent cbs news poll found of republican voters two-thirds say they couldn't pick one candidate out there that they'd be happy with. that has to be tough for you to hear as one of those candidates. americans want answers specifically on the economy. give me a specific. on where you would create jobs for people who just want food on the table. >> yeah, well first up, i'm not disappointed by that number, because as someone who is sitting in the back of the pack
8:06 am
and probably has the lowest name recognition, they're probably not talking about me. so i think that's an opportunity where there is folks that at the top of the ticket, folks who are seen as the leaders, the people are unhappy with that. that's a good thing as far as i'm concerned. secondly as far as creating jobs, i actually spend the next three days in iowa talking about jobs. i'm talking about reducing taxes, reducing the regulatory burden, producing more energy here in this country. all of which will create jobs. energy itself, just allowing for drilling of natural gas, and oil, and mining of coal, and producing, you know, ethanol here in iowa, all of those things will create jobs in america. very important to lower the cost of fuel, to stop the headwind of the economy. the other big thing we're doing is talking about cutting taxes. one particular thing that i'm advocating is a zero percent tax on all manufacturing facilities in america. we need to get america back to work. the best way to do so is to create powerful incentives for people to locate manufacturing jobs here, whether they're ag
8:07 am
manufacturing jobs or processing jobs or steel jobs or any place else across this country. >> that's one way that you mentioned a couple sectors there, both manufacturing, and energy. and that zero tax. but what about revenue? even if you want to cut back on government involvement, if you want to cut back on government spending, money has to come in from somewhere. >> yeah, the biggest problem with revenue is growth. i mean, the bottom line here is, that if we have a dynamic growth, and people are put back to work, those revenues come right back up. i mean, if you look at the percentage of, again percentage of revenues versus gdp which is a constant measure under the higher rates of clinton or the lower rates of bush, they came in about the same depending on the growth level. and if you have lower growth, you get less tax. you have more growth you get more taxes. the key is growing the economy, getting people back to work and having those people pay taxes. >> before we let you go, you, of course, are known for your conservative stance on a number of social issues. michele bachmann who has now entered the race giving you a little bit of a run for your money. you two have very similar stances on a number of key
8:08 am
issues here. how do you grab some of that momentum from her? >> well, look, this is all about hard work. i mean, these early primary states, i understand the, you know, the buzz around some of these candidates, whether it was herman cain early on, now michele bachmann, before that donald trump. i'm just out here working hard. i'm meeting people at diners, in their living rooms, and folks in iowa, new hampshire, in particular, they want to meet the candidates. they want to kick the tires. they want to ask you questions, and particularly iowa, a caucus state, the folks who are going to come out are folks who have really looked at these candidates and studied hard. not who washington or new york says who's the favorite. so i like the fact that i've been here more than anybody else. i'm going to continue to work very hard here. i think we're going to surprise some people come february. >> well, you've got a positive outlook. we'll give you that, definitely. >> i do that. >> thanks for your time this morning, sir. >> thanks, erica. appreciate being on. >> how's this for a mixed message? it's early, but time is running out.
8:09 am
now here's jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines. jeff, how are you? >> chris, good morning to you. in our news, four nato service members were killed in afghanistan this morning. three died during a roadside bombing in eastern afghanistan, the fourth during a separate insurgent attack. 280 international troops have been killed in afghanistan this year. in kabul, british prime minister david cameron met with afghan president hamid karzai, and with general david petraeus. a u.s. and nato commander and unannounced trip there. petraeus is leaving afghanistan and the army next month to become director of the cia. the senate gets back to work today on talks to raise the debt limit. less than four weeks now before the u.s. potentially defaults on its debts. earlier, chris asked republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin if the two sides can agree this week on the issue of whether taxes should be raised? >> i should think so. i think there's a growing group of i think senate republicans and house republicans that are willing to increase the debt ceiling, as long as we actually fix the problem.
8:10 am
and delaware senator chris coons told chris he also hopes a deal can be reached but republicans have to meet democrats halfway. >> it's their intransigence, their refusal to consider any increase in revenue that has really stalled the talks so far. i'm hopeful we'll be able to move past that in this week's negotiations. president obama's economic team has been invited to capitol hill on thursday to help come up with a plan. an autopsy is scheduled for today to determine if a body that's been found is that of missing indiana university student lauren spierer. her remains were discovered floating in a creek on sunday. the 20-year-old spierer was last seen more than a month ago near the campus in bloomington, 50 miles south of indianapolis. rising water might complicate efforts to clean up the oil spill on the yellowstone river. melting snow will send river waters gushing. today it's expected to peak in billings. on friday a pipeline in southern montana ruptured sending over 42,000 gallons of crude
8:11 am
downstream. and incredible newly discovered treasure in southern india. it's inside a hindu temple built in the 16th century. but they just found it. security was increased after they looked at stacks of gold statues, studded with jewels, stored in secret vaults. officials say the treasure inside that temple is worth $22 billion. yeah. 11 minutes past the hour right now. scott pelley has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. they helped win the race to space, but now, they're losing their jobs. the final flight of the space shuttle means an end of a career for many nasa workers, from astronauts to mechanics. where do they go from here? find out tonight on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." and now over to marysol castro who has a check of weather. mary, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. good morning, everyone at home. we want to show you some footage at tucson, arizona. a very quick-moving storm ripped
8:12 am
through there yesterday dumping about a half an inch of rain. and unfortunately, that's 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts, uprooted trees and that poor fella has to make a call to his car insurance. much of the same is expected for that part of the country for today. it is beginning of monsoon season. yes, there is actually a monsoon season in the desert southwest. so from palm springs to santa fe, you're going to see plenty of rain. you could see an isolated thunderstorm. but again, this part of the country needs it. east of there, the central plains, we continue to talk, southern plains we continue to talk about the heat. 101 in san angelo. you can see this line from wichita to houston, not only hot but very humid. we can
8:13 am
>> this weather report sponsored by aveeno. discover the power of active naturals. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's erica. >> marysol, thanks. just ahead, 7 million smokers take the drug chantix to help them quit. but now the latest research finds they face a higher risk of heart problems. so what do you need to know about chantix? we'll tell you. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too? discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers. but they'd rather they disappear. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids already love.
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how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a square foot. this morning there are new safety questions about chantix, the most popular stop-smoking drug on the market. now, according to a new analysis of various studies, people who take chantix have a 72% increased risk of heart problems. medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton now has the story. >> john dunphy has been smoking
8:17 am
for nearly 20 years. >> i've lived longer as a smoker than i have as a nonsmoker, and so it's just become a part of me. >> reporter: yet he considers himself at an expert at quitting. >> i have tried cold turkey. i have tried just sucking down mints like it was my job. i have tried electronic cigarettes. those really, very few things that i have not tried when it comes to quitting. >> reporter: his latest inspiration to quit, a 63-mile marathon bike ride at the end of the summer. >> i'd rather ride my bike and be in bliss on my bike than pay eight bucks for something that i know is killing me. >> reporter: dunphy's currently using nicotine patches to quit. and he's one of the 7 million americans who have tried the smoking cessation drug chantix. the fda recently issued a warning about the drug, citing concerns of heart problems for smokers with existing heart disease.
8:18 am
but according to new research, they're not the only ones at risk. one in 28 smokers who used chantix for one year suffers an average cardiovascular event such as heart attack and stroke. >> the findings do, indeed, concern me. because the goal of smoking cessation, as i said, is to reduce heart attacks and reduce strokes and reduce, you know, cardiac deaths. but we have the most widely used drug on the market that is doing exactly the opposite of what it should be doing. >> reporter: drugmaker pfizer disputes the interpretation of the latest data and maintains it's still an important treatment option. >> many more patients stop smoking on chantix than on placebo. and when you stop changing there are other changes in your body, other changes in your health. over time those changes are extremely positive. >> i've been smoking half a pack a day. >> reporter: despite the risks, dunphy says he might try chantix again. >> i really felt like chantix would do it for me, then i'd see
8:19 am
that as being worth some risk. because smoking is a lifetime addiction. >> reporter: anything to finally shake the past, and ride into a smoke-free future. >> and now dr. ashton joins us this morning to talk more about this. this is an $800 million marketplace we're talking about here. this is not the first time that the fda has looked into this drug. >> correct. >> what are some of the other side effects that do exist for chantix. >> any time you talk about a medication. even if it's an over-the-counter medication, you always have to balance the risk versus the benefit. specifically with this prescription medication, in 2009, the fda actually issued a black box warning for psychiatric problems among patients taking chantix. and those could include anything from hostility, to depression, to suicidal behavior. so, again, you have to weigh the risks of the medication versus the risks of continuing to smoke, and the benefits with each, as well. >> all right if you're currently using chantix right now and you're worried about some 6 the hard risks, what are some of the
8:20 am
warnings signs you need to know and be on high alert for? >> these bear repeating because they're the same warning signs for anyone who may have cardiac and/or vascular disease. they include short ns of breath, chest pain, you can have pain in your legs while walking. even if you're not on chantix and you have any of those symptoms you obviously want to seek immediate medical attention. >> what are some people's options? you hear this news about the deleting -- smoke stop -- or the stop smoking drug out there, you don't want to have any of these additional issues or side effects, so what are some safe options? >> when you talk about quitting smoking there are a plethora of options. they include everything from nicotine replacement therapy to hypnosis to other prescription medications, many people quit cold turkey. you want to make a plan, you want to institute that plan, and if you smoke, the single most important thing you can do is stop. >> unlike that poor guy who we just saw with the piece. he's tried everything. dr. ashton, thanks. >> you bet. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry.
8:21 am
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or for other great fios offers, visit us online. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. it's 8:25. it's steamy outside. lots of traffic on the water. no doubt, on the roads as well. sharon, in a moment, marty is in first warning weather. let lease look at -- let's look at the forecast for the day. upper 70s now and 91 and humid this afternoon. it's the 5th day of july. good morning, sharon gibala. hey, there, good morning, everyone. we have an accident to tell you about. two are on 95. one in the southbound lanes. there's a slight delay on that one. that one is in the area of haverty grace. watch for fire activity in loathe january.
8:26 am
and there's a delay on arundel mills. a second delay on 95 southbound. that's five minutes to the beltway and an average speed of 30 miles per hour. there's the average speeds and drive times on the beltway. that's because of the accident there. this is brought to you by aaa. trust aaa to get an instant quote on auto insurance. aaa, use it for all its worth. thank you, in fact -- investigations are underway in the city this morning after fights broke out in the inner harbor. >> reporter: don, the police are looking through the footage of 90 surveillance videos. a man was stabbed in the neck on eastern avenue. he later died then, at pratt and light street, a 4-year-old was shot in the leg. he's in stable condition. earlier in the night, there was
8:27 am
a fight outside of the visitor's center. the police will release a suspect's photo in the stabbing. the fbi is involved in the investigation of the disappearance a. a woman going to school -- disappearance of. a woman going to school in georgia from baltimore. the fbi is expecting to process evidence later on today. the search will resume from a man thrown from a boat in anne arundel county. a woman was thrown off the boat yesterday. the woman was picked up by another boat and the man is still missing. in sports, the orioles are looking to rebound in the loan star state. no matter who the orioles put up on the mound, the rangers had an answer on the plate. there was a 13-4 win.
8:28 am
game two in the series tonight. up next, the best fireworks displays for independence day. , [ female announcer ] think your conditioner is doing the job? [ woman ] ♪ why you gotta be like that? ♪ don't be like that ♪ 'cause i deserve better than this ♪ ♪ did i catch you playing up like that? ♪ [ female announcer ] dry hair needs extra nourishment. introducing dove's first conditioner with a treatment of weightless nutri-oils inside.
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8:30 am
♪ o beautiful for spacious skies ♪ >> a little bit of the fireworks from last night there. maybe you'd like to see them again. i'd like to see them again. >> great seeing them. >> fantastic. i tell you, you know, a number
8:31 am
of great displays across the country.ou, you know, a number of course, there were displays here in new york. i mean, from my apartment it was like all of the bronx was lit up. it was fantastic. made it tough to go to bed. >> sure it was the fireworks? >> well -- >> welcome back to "the early show" everybody. >> half past the hour. >> coming up more from the royal newlyweds on their very busy tour of canada. ireland and in the far away northwest territories they are drawing huge crowds. and guess who we're going to talk with this morning? that's right, our royal contributor victoria arbiter, who we love. and a little bit about what kate was wearing. >> sort of an anne of green gables meets sailor's thing there. >> haven't seen her with a bad look anywhere yet. >> i don't think she can look bad. also ahead, a really ripe story for los angeles. three young artists began a project that finds fruit growing in public spaces. and then helps people collect it, and eat it.
8:32 am
it's the fallen fruit collective. they say it combines art, ecology and social anthropology. more importantly, though, it does help save you money on groceries. really cool story. everything you want. first when fugitive mob boss whitey bulger was picked up last month, big news all over the country. that's because plenty of americans, it turns out, are fascinated with mob life. in fact one of america's top gangsters from the jazz age still a pretty big deal in chicago. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds reports. >> reporter: alfonse capone has been dead for 64 years but his memory in chicago still burns bright. >> why is al capone in new york? >> i think it was his audacity. >> it was really al capone who was the first to come into town and to really do big things. >> reporter: capone was a larger than life character. an ostentatiously wealthy and outspoken celebrities during the roaring '20s. americans have always had a fascination with gold-blooded gangsters. just the other day the arrest of boston boss whitey bulger, the
8:33 am
man at the top of the fbi's most wanted list, was a huge story for the better part of a week. but through the decades, capone has always been the chief hood. >> he was independent, he was -- he was not to be stopped. >> reporter: the man who made a mockery of prohibition, who got rich from prostitution and the protection rackets. >> if you had a butcher shop and you weren't paying your contributions to the local protection association, the first thing you would do is get a broken window. the next thing is you might get a pineapple, a homemade bomb, hand grenade equivalent. maybe a baseball bat to the head, to the knee, and then finally, you know, if you still didn't get the message, somebody might get killed. >> reporter: the man who ran the chicago mob with a bloody iron fist, to some, and a heart of gold to others. >> you always have this connection to people. even during his -- his trial in 1931, there was always a little wink from him to the other people. and there was always this bravado that people really loved. >> reporter: he went to prison
8:34 am
in the 1930s on tax evasion charges, and his power weakened after that. but his legend lives on. >> here he comes. that's al wearing the big white hat. >> reporter: and while chicago does nothing officially to enshrine his memory, it doesn't have to. unofficial tours these days will take you to historic capone sites. >> everybody knows the most famous gangster from the south side right here in chicago, huh? al capone. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: tourists see the address of the garage-turfed empty lot where seven people were executed in 1929. the so-called saint valentine's day massacre for which many blamed capone. there's his family home on the south side, and his favorite watering hole on the north side. ♪ chicago chicago that toddling town ♪ >> he was telling people, it's going to be all right. the strong survive. >> reporter: and in many ways, he was right. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> you know, you feel bad for a place like chicago having to
8:35 am
deal with the mob element, and luckily we don't have that problem here in new york and new jersey. >> no. no, we don't. there's no interest in it, either, as shown by the show "mob wives." set here in new york. jeff glor standing by at the news desk with a look at some of the other headlines we're following on this tuesday morning. >> don't act like you don't watch. >> are you kidding? the different is set. >> good morning, guys. good morning to everyone. in our news here this morning, rescuers are not giving up their search for seven americans lost at sea after their boat capsized. they were on a july fourth fishing trip when their both sank sunday night in the gulf of california. officials say the warm water does increase their chances of survival if they're still alive. 19 americans have been rescued. at least one died. this morning in washington, the senate gets back to work on a debt reduction plan. they have until august 2nd to raise the government's borrowing power. a possible short-term deal is also under consideration. dominique strauss-kahn faces more legal trouble this morning. french writer tristane banon
8:36 am
plans to file formal charges alleging that strauss-kahn tried to rape her back in 2003. this comes as prosecutors here in new york question the credibility of the woman who accused strauss-kahn of sexual assault at the sofitel in new york. meanwhile christine lagarde of france officially takes over strauss-kahn's old job as head of the imf beginning today. a new autism study suggests the disorder is at least partly brought on by environmental factors. researchers studied nearly 200 sets of twins. they found that along with genetic factors, the environment may contribute to a child's development of autism. including, they say, conditions in the mother's womb. at the kennedy space center the shuttle "atlantis" is being prepared for launch on friday. the final flight of the space shuttle program. the four-member "atlantis" crew arrived in florida yesterday, flying from houston in nasa jets. and in new york's coney island another win for the top dog at the annual nathan's fourth of july hot dog eating
8:37 am
contest. joey chestnut, ate 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. the first-ever women's competition, sonya thomas ate 40 dogs. lord knows how. also on a rooftop in manhattan, former nathan's champ kobayashi held his own competition. he ate seven more hot dogs than joey chestnut. kobayashi was banned from the coney island event because he won't sign an exclusive contract like the other competitors. got to get kobayashi and chestnut together at some point again, right? >> oh, especially if he makes that face again. >> it's nasty. it was coming out of his nose by the time -- horrendous. marysol castro. take us away, please. >> yeah, i did have a hot dog yesterday, it was delicious. very salty. >> 60? >> one. half of one. good morning, everyone at home as we take a look at your last check of weather across the lower 48. the west coast is checking up pretty nicely for us today. continues to be very warm in the southern plains and continues to be hot and humid in the
8:38 am
southeast. we do have an area of severe storms. and that is just about the same area you saw yesterday. we are looking at the possibility of a tornado in cheyenne. but north platte, des moines, green bay, you get anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain. gusty winds that could clock at 60 miles per hour. and of course some hail. if you're looking for a banner day, head to the northeast. i will shimmy over to the west coast. 89 in new york, 85 in boston. it will be just a little breezy. and close to zero
8:39 am
>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica. >> marysol, thanks. this morning prince william and catherine are waking up in canada's northwest territory. not too far from alaska. they got a big welcome last night in yellow knife. fairly tiny town. after a full day in prince edward island. which, of course, thousands of miles to the east. even the rain couldn't dampen everybody's spirits there. joinings us with more cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter. i guess they're used to a little precipitation where they come from. >> they felt right at home. kate even declined an umbrella at one point, so that's how normal it felt. >> they had a jam-packed day yesterday. i would venture to say the highlights were the water birding, which was william landing the helicopter, and of course the dragon boat race. >> absolutely. i think yesterday was my favorite day on the tour so far. we saw a much less formal, much more relaxed side to the couple. william specifically requested to go water birding. it's an art form that the
8:40 am
canadian air force has perfected and you can't really do it anywhere else in the world. he very successfully took off and landed his seeking helicopter on the lake. while kate took pictures. she was busy taking pictures and waving to her husband. and then the dragon boat race. kate has talked about how competitive the couple are, that they can't complete a tennis game, because one of them is a sore loser. so we did see william come in first. he did give her a consolation hug at the end while she tried to push him in the water. so again, we saw a really playful side to the couple. >> it was a really cute moment to see that. there we see them -- look at him, hard at work there. >> he was not going to let her win. >> no, he wasn't. >> it was good to see them be a bit playful with one another there. today, what's on deck? >> as you mentioned yellow knife. there will be a walk-about. and then they're going to be treated to a demonstration of arctic sports. we're going to see the competitive spirit tyke kick in again. they're going to compete in a street hockey penalty shoot-out. so i'm hoping -- >> this i am really looking forward to. >> it's going to be on the rink,
8:41 am
but there's no ice, of course, with the time of year. they're then going to go 30 minutes east of yellow knife where they're going to meet some of the canadian rangers. william and harry were made honorary rangers in 2009. >> that will be kind of fun. we can't look at all that's been going on without talking about what she's been wearing. i mean, does she knock it out of the park every time or what? >> she really does. every choice has been inspired. yesterday she arrived in prince edward island in an nautical themed dress which bears a striking resemblance to a costume worn by the character anne shirley in the anne of green gables adaptation. a mistake? i think not. >> she's a fan as well. >> that's right. the blue dress she wore in quebec is the exact same shade of blue as the flag of quebec. yesterday, fourth of july, she was wearing j. brand jeans, an american designer on the fourth of july. coincidence? again i think not. when we look at the impact, the queen joseph dress that she wore on sunday sold out in eight minutes. >> that's got to be a new
8:42 am
record. it's amazing, i really need to get on these things a little quicker. so with everything today, this is when they actually get their little break starting late tonight into tomorrow? >> yes. they've got a well-earned 24 hours off. tomorrow morning they're going to fly to alberta province. the press, their officials, the aides are all going on to calgary to resume the tour on thursday. william and kate have a whole 24 hours of down time, of private time. i think they're really going to enjoy that. >> everybody can use a break at this point. there's so much speculation. it's bad enough when you get married and people say so now that you're married, when are you having your baby. it's a million times worse when you're the princess. one little comment is being completely blown up. >> completely blown up. remember just after the wedding you and i talked about the fact that bump watch was going to start immediately. and it's like every little snippet people are jumping on. she threw out a passing comment to a young man about how beautiful his daughter was, he in turn said, thank you i wish you well in starting a family. she said yes, i hope so. suddenly that means she's trying for a baby, when is it going to
8:43 am
happen. william and charles were both born within a year of their parents' marriage. so poor kate, everyone is expecting march there to be a new heir to the throne. >> poor girl. >> it's a lot of pressure. everyone needs to back off. >> yes, well, my advice is enjoy your married life a little bit first. thanks. always nice to have you here. chris? >> thank you very much. how would you like to save money in your grocery bill and become part of an art project at the same time? three young men in los angeles got the idea and now it is spreading around the world. cbs news correspondent bill whitaker went out with them looking for the pick of the crop. >> most of us get our fruits and veggies from a grocery store or even a farmer's market. but these three friends get their produce from the busy streets of los angeles. >> ah, it is drive-by fruit. >> reporter: they started the fallen fruit collective, a project that finds and maps fruit that grows in public spaces. >> what's really wild is that this city offers so much organic
8:44 am
produce. >> reporter: like bananas. >> yeah, bananas on the sidewalk of the neighborhood. >> reporter: we talked and drove around l.a., and found a bounty. peaches, avocados, oranges, tomatoes, figs. >> there's more trees up here, too. >> reporter: and whether it's on the sidewalk. in a park. or hanging over someone's fence, this fruit is ripe for the picking. >> you took it all? >> reporter: while the fruit might be there to share, these three artists found that each city has rules about what you can and can't do. in los angeles, the city council told us that it's not illegal to pick public fruit. >> there's no nationals or state laws about public space or property. but the best thing in the world, i think, is to be a good neighbor, and you ask permission. >> reporter: this homeowner rolls out the welcome mat. what do you think about that, people coming by to pick your fruit? >> oh, we actually planted most of the plants out here so that people would do that. >> reporter: fallen fruit started seven years ago, as an
8:45 am
art experiment, involving public and private space. and it began to bring communities together. >> we started inviting the public to make jam with us. went to pick the fruit off the sidewalks of the neighborhood, not knowing each other. and see how many hundreds of jars every year we can make in three hours. and we did it over 700. >> reporter: they have mapped out free fruit trails in almost every city in the u.s. and have even made maps as far away as denmark. so you're like three johnny appleseeds, but way beyond apples? >> oh, way beyond apples, yes. we love all fruit, yes. >> reporter: now that love is fruitful, and multiplying. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> what a great idea. and you can logon to to see if there is a map for your area. we recommend maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters.
8:46 am
or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you.
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there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. when you're running for president you need to have campaign money and a solid
8:48 am
political platform. but you also need a theme song. and that tripped up one of the republican candidates as cbs news political correspondent jan crawford now tells us. welcome back. good to see you again this morning. >> hey, chris. you know, there is nothing like a good song to get people fired up at your rallies. but sometimes that can get the song writer fired up, too. ♪ happy days >> reporter: song writers had to be happy when franklin roosevelt adopted their 1929 hit "happy days are here again" for his '32 presidential campaign. 80 years later the song is still the unofficial anthem of the democratic party. but that may be the last time that candidates and composers have made beautiful music together. just last week, tea party favorite and gop presidential candidate michele bachmann pumped up the crowd with liberal rocker tom petty's "american girl." apparently bachmann doesn't quite fit petty ate vision of
8:49 am
that girl. he quickly had his lawyers issue a cease and desist notice, demanding the bachmann camp never trumpet his song again. >> almost always republicans, and almost always a liberal leaning artist who feels like their concept, their art is being co-opted by someone they disagree with. >> reporter: and it's a battle that stretches back to at least the '84 campaign. that's when president reagan locked horns with bruce springsteen over the boss' big hit "born in the usa." in 2009, almost 30 years later, the memory still rankles springsteen, who talked to "the early show" about why. >> the reagan administration came in and tried to co-opt the song and misinterpreted it. so i was learning very quickly that you had to be aggressive and assert control of your work as best as you could. >> the reagan thing was kind of hilarious because, you know, "born in the usa" is actually not -- it's not as triumphant a song as it might sound like. it's sort of a bit per sweet tale of like a vietnam vet who's
8:50 am
really kind of got disillusioned and strug struggled to find his way so i think reagan kind of missed the point on that song. >> reporter: the last time that candidate and campaign theme really clicked may have been in 1992 when bill clinton relentlessly pushed the fleetwood mac message, don't stop thinking about tomorrow. petty's music was also preyed on during the 2000 campaign, when george w. bush blasted the heartbreakers' "i won't back down" at rallies. one letter to bush's lawyers, and he did. in 2008, john mccain's camp made a curious musical choice for their candidates theme, "running on empty" by jackson browne. browne accepted an apology after the campaign was over, presumably on empty at that point. there's a lesson in all this for candidates. perhaps when it comes to their musical choices, the classics are the way to go. now democratic candidates haven't gotten the kind of pushback that republicans have, since most people in the music industry support democrats, and i guess they don't really mind
8:51 am
when it's a democrat who's blasting their song. republicans, though, chris, have had better luck with country music. and since you know a lot of country music is about country and flags and god, it works out pretty well for them. chris? >> no one's gotten to tom petty for free falling, though? >> not yet? >> thank you very much, jan crawford for us in washington. twofer tuesday with jan today. >> that was. american girl is actually my favorite john petty song. it's my happy hour song in florida. we still have the fourth of july spirit this morning. how about we finish things off with a little fireworks. here's a look at some of the sights and sounds of last night's celebrations. have a great day. your local news is next. ♪ >> right now, in small towns and big cities all across america, folks are getting together in their backyards, raising flags, firing up grills, and enjoying time with family and with friends. >> happen hi fourth of july. >> just turns out everybody, brings outed good out of
8:52 am
everybody. >> through democracy and individual rights, ordinary people have it within their means to forge a nation that's more just, and more equal, and more free. ♪ who gave that right to me i'll gladly stand up ♪ ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ love this land god bless the usa ♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ and defend her still today
8:53 am
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it's going to get murkier over the next 24 house. take a look at the forecast. we're going for a high around 91 degrees. sunny, hot and humid. the humidity gets closer tonight. 68 is the overnight low tomorrow night. we'll have a sunny high of 92 degrees. we'll keep it sunny and warm. as we move into the five day, that's a great vacation week forecast for those of you off. is it ever! violence erupts in the inner harbor, leaving a young
8:56 am
child shot and a young man dead. don, the police are looking through the footage of 90 city surveillance cameras. a man was stabbed in the neck outside of a restaurant in the 700 block of eastern avenue. he later died. then, at pratt and light street, a 4-year-old was shot in the leg. he's in stable condition. earlier in the night, there was a fight in the visitor's center. they'll release a suspect's photo in the stabbing. the 100th person to be killed in the city will be laid to rest today. he was shot in the back during a robbery. so far, the police have no solid leads. funeral services will be held today at noon. the fbi is now involved into the disappearance of a missing woman from baltimore
8:57 am
who lives in georgia. tests are pending on a body found near her apartment complex. the fbi will process other evidence today. a man was thrown from a boat in anne arundel county. the 25-year-old man and a woman were thrown off the boat. the woman was picked up by another boat. he's still missing. it's the 13th fatal boating accident in the state this year. two more city elected officials are throwing their hats into the ring today for the mayoral race. the state's senator and kathryn stokes will join the field that includes the current mayor. today, barbara mikulski will announce new grants for veterans finding jobs.
8:58 am
she'll discuss the grant at the weigh station in frederick. stay with wjz, maryland's news station. complete news and first warning weather today at noon. enjoy the day and try and stay [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. now you can switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year -- with no annual contract required. i always heard great things about fios, but the first time i saw the picture it was just like "wow." [ male announcer ] call now and we'll include over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix and more for 12 months. you just get so much more with fios. when i'm on the internet things download like -- shoo! just as quick as i'm snapping my fingers. it's just "bam." [ male announcer ] millions of families have switched to fios. now you can too for just $99.99 a month for a year
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